Making sustainable investments bankable

Making sustainable investments bankable

On 17 April, Verbos participated at the Leaders for Nature Forum where the Dutch Development Bank (FMO) brought in the Aqua-Soil Approach (ASA) as their challenge to create a roadmap to scale up the ASA by bridging the pioneer gap and integrate it into the value chains of multinationals in the agricultural sector. Verbos is one of the founders of the ASA group, a multi-stakeholder business initiative that addresses water scarcity and vulnerable food supply chains.

The ASA is currently developing a proof of concept as a business opportunity for a wastewater treatment facility that will secure food production, generate employment and help safeguard the provisioning of important ecosystem services such as water, soil quality and tree cover. The FMO recognises that there is a shortage of low-risk initiatives, such as the ASA, to invest in. Often the scope of sustainable initiations isn’t large enough while investment losses are also quite high. Experts from leading organisations and multinationals created a roadmap aiming to make the ASA scale able and commercially viable. An engaging session with the challenge team has provided creative ways to further develop the ASA and clarity of the work that still needs to be done.

Participants FMO challenge: Aart van den Bos (Verbos), Adrienne Acioly (Verbos), Darren moens (FMO), Jan Willem Den Besten (IUCN), Bart van Eck (ForElements), Arthur van der Schooten (FMO), Caroline van Leenders (RVO), Thomas Perkins (Except), Marta Suanzes (Except), Rubeena Shariff (Philips), Julien Bernard (DSM), Bram de Mol (Arcadis), Jeroen Alberts (Cordaid) and Rick Torken (ABN Amro)

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