Offers workshops, trainings and education for management teams and staff on leadership, corporate social responsibility and teambuilding.

Corporate social responsibility

CSR emphasises on the business-social-environmental relations, which are nowadays absolutely critical for successful sustainable operations and performances of a company/organisation. We think of sustainability as a process, not as an end goal. We include not only the entrepreneur on this journey but also his/her customers, suppliers, partners, federal government and surroundings. We use practical guidelines to make this sustainable journey a pleasant and successful one. We use ISO-26000 as the guideline for assisting businesses and organisations to operate in a socially responsible way. The method uses an integrated and comprehensive approach. However, ISO26000 is quite theoretical but Verbos will assist you with its practical use (in terms of development / activities) so it can be applied within your company / organisation.


CSR strategy

It is becoming increasingly important to obtain an effective good (international) strategy for corporate social responsibility (CSR) to safeguard a sustainable future of organisations. We can develop your existing strategy further in collaboration with you. We believe CSR should be imbedded in the DNA of your company. We have also observed an improvement in the performance and future proofing of companies that are consciously working with CSR. The continuity and core-business of your company is after all dependent on its social-economic and environmental sustainable operations.


CSR Planning

Most companies would like to integrate CSR in their business, but have no idea how to. However there are also companies that are quite advanced in their CSR practices. Verbos is able to assist you in every step of the process. We will start by mapping the existing or related CSR practices in and around your company first, including the chains you operate in. We will also support you by putting your previously defined strategies into practice. There are different tools we use to guide you during this process. This is a useful, meaningful and a definitely interesting and enjoyable process to be part of. Ultimately, these actions should provide an improving continuity of your company.


CSR Implement & manage

In addition to the development and thorough planning of a CSR strategy, it is also important to implement this strategy. We are also capable of supporting you during this process. We could also be of assistance when you are in need of temporary or ongoing support. In collaboration with you, we would make agreements that provide clarity for both parties on the defined objectives, schedule, costs and results. You will benefit from Verbos’ own expertise and practical experience throughout the different stages of this process.

Interested in our academy services?

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Our Workshops

We organise – mostly on request – workshops and training for management teams, personnel and companies on different areas and levels. There are a few examples of our workshops under the menu “our projects”. However, if you would prefer to have a custom-made training for your business, we would develop the form and content of the training or workshop in collaboration with you. We often provide expertise of the agriculture sector for CSR Netherlands.

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