Welcome to Verbos Business Development

Aart van den Bos, who has a background in several agricultural and horticultural sectors, founded Verbos in 2001. The company is located in the heart of Westland (The Netherlands) on the Westland Trade Parc, a trade centre of diverse horticultural products.

Verbos is a profound network organisation that uses a wide-ranging network of specialists in multidisciplinary sectors and countries. Our goal is to make your business successful while also maintaining a high-level of creativity. After all: your success is our success. Verbos would gladly be your co-pilot in developing your business.

Entrepreneurial focus

Our entrepreneurial mind-set drives the services and commitment of Verbos Business Development. Our own professional experience and knowledge by being entrepreneurs ourselves form the basis of the services we deliver.

We always consider each start-up’s unique situation when defining the business, operations and investment goals. Verbos assists you in developing your start-up by using a combination of high level of creativity, business development and innovation with a strong focus on gaining successful economic viability. We are strongly networked in the industry and use our wide-ranging network of directors, highly professional managers, trend watchers & entrepreneurs to benefit you.

Market economy

Verbos is particularly involved in the agricultural and horticultural sector, fruit and flower market and its affiliated international trade chains. These are innovative sectors, both on a technological and conceptual level for positive environmental and social impacts, as well as economic sustainability, profitability and food security. This generates a large amount of international opportunities.


Verbos offers you expertise in the following areas:

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